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The charm of the Alpine nature

A crenelated skyline and a feeling of immensity... views that leave speechless are usual in the Dolomites, one of the best places on the Earth to soak up the fragile harmony of the mountain.

Adventures for children

For kids Alta Badia is a fabulous world, full of magic, legends and encounters with domestic and wild animals. Let your little ones enjoy some unforgettable adventures on theme trails, on numerous playgrounds, in the Animal Park Parch, in the Adventure Park and in the Deer Park Paraciora. Another indisputable attraction is the chain of Movimënt Parks, located on the plateau between Piz Sorega, Piz la Ila and Pralongià.

Cultural and gastronomic surprises

Searching for natural treasures, get prepared for pleasant surprises waiting for you in the Alpine huts, on the mountain farms and in the idyllic villages of Alta Badia. Summer is the best time to get acquainted with the characteristic and unique Ladin culture, as well as with the flavoursome local cuisine. Take advantage of the various cultural and gastronomic events, including processions, markets of local specialities, feasts, festivals and many others.

Exploring the Dolomites

On foot, on horseback, by road bike, by MTB or e-bike, by motorbike or car, with a climbing harness, through paragliding or hang gliding – there are countless ways to explore the Dolomites in Alta Badia. Itineraries vary in length and difficulty level, but each of them favours a deep physical and mental revival provoked by the immersion into this fabulous Alpine world.
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